Who needs doctors anyway?

By Divya Kurian, dkurian

As fascinating as the human body is, after studying it for the better part of my entire lifetime and dissecting every square inch of it in a gross lab, few things seem to amaze me anymore. Physiology and pathology concepts have become mundane. I talk about feces and urine almost as if they are causal..

24th April, 2015

The Medical Curriculum and Me

By Stephan Chiu, schiu

Note: This post was written when I was a first year, but I find still holds true and relevant. As I near the end of my first year of medical school, I still feel like I don’t know anything. I spend hours every day in class or at home studying, memorizing biochemical pathways and esoteric diseases…

23rd April, 2015

Dealing With Death

By Lauren Rafka, lrafka

I’m three quarters of the way through third year and, as hard as it is to believe, last week was the first time a patient on my service died. There was one patient on my 24 hour trauma call, but we expected it and it didn’t happen until after my trauma call was over. And..

22nd April, 2015