Ducks in a Row

By Lauren Rafka, lrafka

Now that third year has ended, it’s time to prepare myself for fourth year.  I’ve already opened my ERAS application and put out my requests for letters of recommendation.  One mistake I made was not having my personal statement ready to send to my letter writers.  I had fixed up my CV and I was..

6th July, 2015

Surviving third year

By Stephan Chiu, schiu

Lectures are finished, the boards are done, vacation is over, and third year of medical school has finally begun. This week is my first week of orientation, and I can already tell things will be different. For example, seeing my classmates in the hospital at 8am, decked out in white coats, is a far cry..

3rd July, 2015

The Beauty of Science

By Jake Rosenberg, jrosenberg

Three years ago, at the start of my PhD, a great scientist told me that there is nothing in the world like the feeling of discovery in science. To be the first person to hold up an agarose gel image or western blot, and to see a part of the universe no one has ever..

2nd July, 2015