What to do the summer before med school starts

By Kris Gopaul, kgopaul

A lot of students wonder what to do with their summer before med school starts. If you’re like me at all, you’re probably thinking maybe I should buy a book and start studying so I don’t seem behind when the day of reckoning comes. Big Mistake! Do not try to study for med school before..

24th June, 2016

Things to Consider when Choosing a Specialty

By Jennifer Tran, jtran

If you think that trying to figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life is difficulty after finishing up a year of core clinical clerkships, I hear you. I was in that boat and so were many of my classmates this time last year. It’s a difficult choice, but upon..

23rd June, 2016
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Keeping an Open Mind: Rotations

By Wasiq Sheikh, wsheikh

As I’m about to start rotations, I really hope to keep an open mind. While I do have some preliminary interests in what fields I may want to go into, I am trying to train myself to approach every rotation with no bias. Coming into a specific rotation with a bad attitude can be detrimental..

22nd June, 2016