Suffering in the SICU

By Lauren Rafka, lrafka

After a very relaxing summer, I was catapulted back to reality when I was assigned to the surgical ICU for my critical care rotation. The surgical ICU is a busy place with a census of thirty patients, all of whom are incredibly sick. The hours are long, too. I had gotten pretty spoiled after rotations..

12th October, 2015

A Follow-Up on 3D Printing: A Leap Forward?

By Wasiq Sheikh, wsheikh

I recently wrote a blog post that highlighted the immense potential 3D printing has for medicine. I just came across an article from Popular Mechanics that describes an incredible machine that 3D prints using human cells. The machine utilizes gels that are essentially a hybrid between liquid and solid states and prints into these gels..

9th October, 2015

Drugs, Babies, and A Difficult Situation

By Stephan Chiu, schiu

8While on the nursery portion of my pediatrics clerkship, I took on an interesting case. The baby boy in question was born without complications to mother who admitted to tobacco and marijuana use during pregnancy. After the baby was born, urine toxicology was sent for mother and baby, of which both turned up positive for marijuana. As a..

8th October, 2015