Infertility: Disease, Condition, Right, Privilege?

By Alexander Morgan, amorgan

One of the more sensitive issues that comes up in obstetrics and gynecology is patients having problems with infertility. We received some excellent didactic instruction on the medical elements of the topic, but I was struck by a key issue that came up during this discussion. It was the issue of how we, as a society and..

31st March, 2015

They’re Always Watching or Are They???

By Jennifer Tran, jtran

As a third year medical student, I have had to overcome my anxiety and fear about constantly being evaluated. I remember the first day of third year orientation when the various clerkship directors talked about their expectations, their emphasis on professional behavior, and their pet peeves about medical students. I vividly recall my sheer panic..

30th March, 2015

A reflection on my psychiatry rotation

By Divya Kurian, dkurian

One thing that has startled me since starting rotations is the prevalence of psychiatric conditions. So many patients that come to the hospital have underlying psych conditions that no one addresses and often do not even bother to elicit. However, psych conditions can play a huge role in medical disease prognosis, treatment adherence, and even..

27th March, 2015