Intern Prep

By Jennifer Tran, jtran

For the last block of the year, my medical school has every student participate in a capstone series specific to all things related to internship aka the first year of residency as well as a specialty-specific bootcamp. During the capstone series, we had life lectures about loans and medical malpractice, but then we also had..

27th May, 2016

A Younger Science

By Jake Rosenberg, jrosenberg

As part of my ambulatory medicine clerkship, I rotate through the practices of different physicians. One of my clerkship settings takes place in a concierge medicine practice, that is, a practice where patients pay a yearly fee, and in return they have longer appointments and round the clock access to their doctor. It’s, at times,..

26th May, 2016

The Last Day

By Lauren Rafka, lrafka

Last week I finished my acting internship, the challenging rotation that had consumed the month of April. On my last day, I brought in a cake for the team since I had been telling them about my cake decorating hobby. The last day was a difficult one, with medically complicated patients who demanded a lot..

25th May, 2016