Up, Up, and Away?

By Jennifer Tran, jtran

To do an away rotation or to not do an away rotation? That is the question that has been plaguing me since January and I still haven’t made a final decision. I have sought advice from faculty members, peers, and upperclassmen, but I don’t think I am closer to making up my mind. On the..

26th May, 2015

It’s All Incredibly Incredible

By Divya Kurian, dkurian

Pregnancy is incredible. Labor is incredible. The birthing process is incredible. Even babies are incredible. All of it seems like it’s something made up in a scifi movie. And even more incredible is the fact that it all just kind of happens – and usually almost entirely with need for input from doctors or hospitals..

25th May, 2015

Montage of Heck

By Jake Rosenberg, jrosenberg

This past month, the documentary Montage of Heck, about Kurt Cobain, the lead singer of the band Nirvana, was released online and in theaters. The movie is at many times hard to watch. Despite being the creative force behind arguably the most important band of the 1990s, Cobain is plagued by depression, anger and substance..

22nd May, 2015