By Lauren Rafka, lrafka

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been studying for Step 2 CK. The studying feels less arduous than it did last year when I was studying for Step 1. I imagine that this is because the Step 2 material is highly clinically relevant and is therefore more interesting. While I’ve been studying, I’ve found..

4th August, 2015


By Kris Gopaul, kgopaul

With the USMLE finally behind me, I can officially leave my study cave, and begin to feel like a normal human being again. I think those were the most challenging 7 weeks I have ever experienced in my med school career. While the exam is difficult, it is definitely doable if you put the time..

3rd August, 2015

Ah, To Be a Pre-Med Again

By Wasiq Sheikh, wsheikh

During M1 and the following summer, I spent a fair amount of time as an MCAT instructor for biology and physics. For those undergrads and/or med students looking for a side job, I highly recommend it if you enjoy teaching. Interacting with future physicians has been exciting, engaging, and intellectually stimulating. In addition, a fair..

31st July, 2015