Being on Call

By Jennifer Tran, jtran

While on neurology, I took overnight call during my two weeks on inpatient ward service. Since I had only ever done trauma and acute general surgery call in the past, I wasn’t sure how busy it would really be. I had already worked that entire day and thus, the prospect of staying at the hospital..

27th January, 2015

Medical Mystery: Granulomatous Mastitis in Mexican Women who Breastfed

By Alexander Morgan, amorgan

I have been seeing a number of women coming to clinic with a shared presentation of a similar condition, which used to be considered quite rare, but we (and others) have been seeing quite a lot of it. The prototypical case might go something like this: A 35 year old woman comes in because of..

26th January, 2015

Why Exercise Makes You Feel Good

By Divya Kurian, dkurian

Everyone knows that exercise is good for you and every doctor supports increased exercise. We all know that it is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and it is readily apparent that when you exercise, you feel good afterwards. I, for one, always feel like I’ve accomplished so much in my day just by..

23rd January, 2015