Continuing IM

By Christen Johnson, cjohnson

I still love internal medicine and even though I’m on my second placement I’m still finding that I’m enjoying when I’m learning and I’m enjoying every day of what I’m doing. I’m now on pulmonary! I think this is really helping me to cement the difference ways that we go about treating pulmonary function disorders…

28th August, 2015

Tips for Applying to Medical School

By Jennifer Tran, jtran

Here are some things that rang true for me, while I was a premedical student and what I have seen in my own personal experiences is important to succeed as a medical student. Apply early: This is the most important step because rolling admissions processes means that even the most stellar application might be hindered..

27th August, 2015

How to Write a Personal Statement

By Divya Kurian, dkurian

Let me begin this post with the disclaimer that I am in no way an authority on personal statements. If truth were told, I am probably the furthest thing from an authority. But that’s not going to stop me! That being said, I have spent a considerable amount of time in the last few months..

26th August, 2015