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What Makes an Outstanding Medical Student?

By Jake Rosenberg, jrosenberg

Being in medical school means that your colleagues are a group of super-accomplished and smart people. There’s two ways to look at this. One view is that in such a group, students will push themselves to succeed. The flip-side view is that medical school is filled with a bunch of “gunners” (gunner is slang for someone..

27th August, 2014

Connecting with Patients and Families

By Divya Kurian, dkurian

Connecting and forming relationships with patient’s and their families in an outpatient setting is much different from connecting to them in the inpatient setting. Inpatient medicine comes with the benefit of having almost unlimited amounts of time with the patient and their families; the only real limiter is the amount of time and effort I..

18th August, 2014

Physicians and Technology

By Stephan Chiu, schiu

I get to class and look over my lecture slides for the day. Aside from the content, it’s the same as usual – outdated fonts, unorganized layout, blurry images. I look up, and the professor is struggling to hook up his computer to the projector, again. I sigh and consider the same question I have..

15th August, 2014