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Taking time to look and listen

By Alexander Morgan, amorgan

What does a standard  12 minute doctor’s visit mean?  For one thing, it is meaning miserable physicians and patients.  This is one of the major complaints as part of the litany of complaints many medical practitioners are expressing about their job.  Patients also don’t like it, it makes their experience less enjoyable, they feel like their..

23rd April, 2014

Finding a Good Men

By Sinthuya Selvendrarajah, Sinthuya

I think it is very important to find a good mentor throughout your career in medicine. This can be your parent, a religious leader, an older sibling, a faculty member, a spouse, a friend, a physician, or anyone that has an interest in your career and personal growth. In my opinion, a mentor whose opinion..

22nd April, 2014

Yes-aholics Anonymous

By Dustin Harris, dharris

Hello, my name is Dustin and I am a Yes-aholic. Ever since I entered undergrad at UCSD, I have had this problem. I say yes to almost every opportunity presented in front of me. “Overinvolved” would be a good word to describe my 4 years there. Once I joined a group or started a job..

21st April, 2014