Tobacco in the American Consciousness: An Evidence-Free Zone

By Jake Rosenberg, jrosenberg

As the PBS Newshour recently reported, Westminster, Massachusetts could be the first town in the United States to ban the sale of tobacco. As I watched the debate unfold among neighbors, I was shocked at the level of intensity with which citizens stepped up to defend the sale of tobacco in their town. At one..

14th November, 2014

SNMA Regional Conference

By Christen Johnson, cjohnson

This weekend was a BLAST! The conference was held in Lansing, MI and while the weekend was chilly, it warmed my heart to be with my regional family. Traffic was really bad on the way up, adding an additional 2 hours to the drive. Definitely not what I was expecting but once I arrived it..

13th November, 2014

Q: Why didn’t Isaac Newton come from India? A: Rhinoplasty

By Alexander Morgan, amorgan

Actually, there is no reason why Isaac Newton, or someone who developed celestial mechanics and calculus couldn’t have come from India.  However, I thought it was a provocative title, but it is relevant and I will try to explain how. Rotating through surgical specialities, I scrubbed in on a paramedian nose flap to reconstruct the..

12th November, 2014