Are Psychiatric Conditions Real?

By Divya Kurian, dkurian

I recently started my psychiatry rotation. When I first learned the basics of psychiatry in my 1st year of medical school, I was fascinated, but still a little skeptical. I hate to admit it, but I’ve always been one of those people that never really believed that psychiatric conditions, especially those treated on in the..

16th December, 2014

Home Today Gone Tomorrow

By Christen Johnson, cjohnson

This starts the beginning of our two-week classes again. After doing extremely well on my mind final, I have crossed into the world of blood cells. Yes, blood cells, something that I never really considered as being a completely different world. Maybe I didn’t pay enough attention last year but I definitely see it now…

15th December, 2014

Buddhism in the OR

By Alexander Morgan, amorgan

One of the basic, core ideas, of Buddhism is that the basic root of all suffering (Dukka, दुःख) is our desires and expectations.  When dealing with something like a general surgery rotation, often when things are life and death for the patient, it might help to develop a sort of spiritual or philosophical framework for dealing..

12th December, 2014