Quick Snack of Choice

By Alexander Morgan, amorgan

As I go along through clinical rotations, I am trying to experiment with different things to make the experience more pleasurable; it’s also important to keep your body satisfied, so your mind can focus on the tasks at hand: taking care of patients and learning.  I’ve been on surgery for a week, and of the..

27th October, 2014

How to know what to know: effective preparation for the wards

By Tina Munjal, tmunjal

Before the start of any clerkship (rotation), and throughout its duration, I spend some time thinking about how best to prepare. But for what? How does one best get ready for a month of neurology? Or medicine? Or pediatrics? What are you supposed to know and do?! Here are the five general categories of preparation for..

25th October, 2014

How We Die (part 3)

By Jake Rosenberg, jrosenberg

In this last post on death, I would be remiss if I didn’t discuss the economic implications of end of life care. This is a controversial topic, and too often this issue devolves into political posturing of “death panels” and “big government.” However, the point I would like to make on this issue is not..

24th October, 2014