Friday Afternoons

By Meghan Yi, megyi

Sometimes I just get to the point where I have spent entirely too much time with my computer and books for the week. As fascinating as the intricacies of the coagulation cascade and the distinguishing features of the different types of anemias, leukemias, and lymphomas are, I find my mind wandering, my legs searching for any excuse to do anything but sit, and my browser mysteriously switching to Facebook or Pinterest for an unexpected “study break.” For me, this time usually comes on Friday afternoon.

I remember spending this same time of the day counting down the minutes to board the bus to a big cross country invitational in sixth period physics class in high school and hanging out with friends, excited for the weekend ahead, on the academic quad in college. Lately, my Friday afternoons have been spent doing the same thing I do most days: studying. And you better believe it’s hard to focus after doing the same thing for hours on end for so many days before!

I find it extremely helpful to plan something fun each day, and definitely on the weekends, to look forward to and to help keep me sane through the intense lecture and study grind. When school gets really stressful, it’s easy to remind myself that I can reward myself with a run with my friend or by grabbing dinner at that new restaurant I’ve wanted to try…as long as I stay focused for a couple more hours.

This weekend, I’m looking forward to participating in the Habitat for Humanity of the Capital District chapter’s Tour de Habitat to raise money for affordable housing for our neighbors right in our backyard. After fifty miles of biking through the Hudson Valley and a buffet at the finish, hopefully my mind will be refreshed and ready to go for another week of studying ahead!

13th October, 2015