Rings and Things

By Lauren Rafka, lrafka

August has been an exciting month for me!  On my birthday at the beginning of the month, my fantastic boyfriend proposed! We have been dating since the middle of my first year of medical school and he has seen me through so many of the trials and tribulations of a medical education.

In my first year, he reduced my growing test anxiety and my grades improved – maybe that was the lucky exam shirt I started wearing to every test, maybe not…We adopted a cat together towards the end of first year and Nimbus is the best pet in the world. When I have a really stressful day, I look forward to hanging out with Nimbus for some “pet therapy.”

At the end of second year, he put up with my endless complaining and worry as I studied for Step 1 and even came back to the test center during my lunch break to cheer me on.

For eight weeks of my surgery rotation during third year, he valiantly got up each morning at 5:30 AM to drive me to the hospital so I could get there at 6 AM before the buses started running. When I was undecided about my specialty, he supported each one of my choices even when they were improbable and constantly changing, and always told me I would be great at any of them.

Now, as fourth year is underway, I am thrilled to be engaged to such a wonderful man. I am excited to start my residency application process, and glad to have a partner in crime as I search for the perfect program. In less than a year, we will start our married lives and I will start residency – what an exciting year it will be!

28th September, 2015